Stardust Circus


Do kids under 3 need a ticket? Kids 2-years and under are free and sit on an adult’s lap. If you think your child would be more comfortable with their own seat, just purchase a child’s ticket for them.
Do you accept companion cards? Yes but you need to book directly with the circus. Please call them on 0418 247 287.
Do you offer senior/ pensioner discounts? No discounts.
Do you have family tickets? No.
Do you have wheelchair access? Yes. Wheelchair bookings need to be booked directly with the circus. Please call them on 0418 247 287.
Can I add an additional ticket to my booking? Yes, you just need to make another booking in the same section using the same surname and mobile number. Then the circus will automatically treat you as one booking and seat you together (space permitting).
Can I choose my own seats? No. Seats are allocated by the circus before each performance. Ushers will show you to your seat on the day of the show.
What are the best seats for young children? 1st row ringside seats are the closest to the action. If your child is ok with loud noise and being close to the action then this is the best spot. 2nd row ringside is also very close to the action but there is a chance your child’s view might be obstructed if they have a tall person sitting in front of them in 1st row ringside. Elevated chairs are a great option for kids to see the circus ring, as each row is higher than the one in front.
Are tickets transferrable? Yes, a friend or family member can use the tickets. Just forward them the SMS or email confirmation you received. They do not need to show the credit card that it was purchased with.
Do I need to print my ticket to gain entry? No, you can show the email or SMS confirmation on your phone to gain entry.
Can I change the performance date for an upcoming show? Yes, you are able to make changes up to 24-hours before the show starts. There is an $11 admin fee. Please email [email protected] (from 9am-9pm - 365 days a year) with your booking details and preferred new date, so we can help you.
Are tickets refundable? Yes, you are able to receive a refund up to 24-hours before the show starts. The is an $11 cancellation and admin fee and we also retain the original booking fee of $2 per ticket (or the $20 booking fee when more than 10 seats). Please contact us at [email protected] with your booking details for a refund.
Can I purchase tickets on the day? To avoid the queue and get the best seats, you need to book online. The earlier you book, the better the seats you are allocated (in ringside sections). However, if you prefer to purchase tickets on the day, the big top ticket office opens 1-hour before each show.
I won some tickets; how do I redeem them? Your tickets are not part of a 365tix promotion. You will need to contact the circus directly on 0418 247 287 to redeem them.
How long does the show last? The show goes for approximately 2 hours which includes a short interval. If you would like more specific information please contact the circus directly on 0418 247 287.
Are there animals in the show? Yes! Stardust has horses, dogs and goats.
Can I purchase food at the show? There is a selection of food available for purchase for cash only including dagwood dogs, hot chips, fairy floss, coffee and cold drink cans.
Are there rides at the show? The circus has a variety of rides and games for kids which are cash only. They open 1-hour before the show starts.
Is there a place to store a stroller? Strollers are stored just inside the big top entrance. They can’t be taken into the aisles due to fire safety regulations.
Can I take my baby to the show? Yes. There will be some loud music and bright lights but you can step out during a performance and come back inside a bit later if the child is not coping. The baby will need to be held on your lap during the show as strollers are not allowed in the aisle during to fire safety regulations.
Can I take photos during the show? Yes, we allow photography during the show. Please add #stardustcircusaustralia to any photos you post!